pipeline inspections


H&P’s closed circuit TV services provide inspections of pipelines for all aspects of new development and aging infrastructure. We assist both public municipalities and service authorities as well as private entities including developers, universities and production facilities. Our data is reported in a national standard format as set forth by the National Association of Sewer Services Companies (NASSCO). Our data can be used to make immediate pinpoint replacement decisions or assist with capital outlay planning.

Our Services Include


Assurances of Pipe Installation Quality Prior to Paving
Assurances of Sag Conditions Prior to Floor Slab Pour
Color Video on DVD (MPEG and JPEG format)
Eliminate Excess Excavation
Ensure Line Quality
NASSCO Reports
Managed by Professional Engineer
Provide Benchmark Inspections
Provide Record to Protect Liability

Base Mapping in CADD Format
Dated Record of Pipe Condition
Excavation Impacts
Inflow & Infiltration Problems
Infrastructure Mapping
Inspect 2”- 60” Diameter Sewer Pipe
Interior Building Pipes
Inventory Storm & Sewer Systems
Maintenance Programs
On-Site Visual for Clients
Smoke Testing

Contact Matt Tharpe at mtharpe@handp.com.

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