Dams and Water Resources








Dams and Water Resources


Water Resource Engineering has a vital role in our community when it comes to flood control, water supply, recreation, and even power. Protecting water resources is an important component of every project that H&P provides for all clients. From developing a new project with storm water control to maintaining an existing dam for recreational or water supply purposes, our engineers have the experience to ensure the water resources are protected.

Our Services Include

Dam Repair & Construction

Capacity Improvements
Construction Administration
Dam Reconstruction or Removal
Filter Drain Design
New Dam Design Services
Outlet Protection & Stabilization
Slip Lining Outlet Pipe
Spillway Rehabilitation & Stabilization
Wave Protection

Dam Safety

Dam Safety Certifications & Permitting
Dam Safety Inspections
Emergency Action Planning
Failure Analysis
Grant Funding Assistance
Hazard Classification & Inundation Studies
Hydrological & Hydraulic Modeling
Preliminary Engineering Reports



Computer Modeling
Determine Floodplain Elevation
Streambank Protection
Project Permitting


Collection System Design
Erosion & Sediment Control
MS4 Permitting
Stormwater Inspections
Stormwater Management
Water Quality Design & Permitting



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