environmental permitting



Environmental permitting is a key instrument for reducing environmental impacts and facilitates compliance with environmental requirements for protecting human health and the environment. Modern permitting systems combine discretionary powers of regulators with transparency and broad public participation to maintain the integrity of site development or expansion with minimal environmental impacts.  

Our Services Include

404/401 Water Quality Permitting
Permit Compliance Monitoring
Stormwater Management Permitting
VSMP Permitting
Water Protection Permitting

Site Assessments

Engineering Environmental Impact Reviews
NEPA/SEPA Environmental Review
Stream Assessments
Threatened & Endangered Species Review
Wildlife & Protection Species Surveying



Wetland Services
Aquatic Bioassessment
Bioengineering Streambank Stabilization
Lake & Pond Management
Wetland & Aquatic Delineations
Wetland Mitigation Planning & Monitoring

Other Services

Environmental Compliance Planning (SWPPP)
FEMA Map Revisions & Amendments
Habitat Restoration & Monitoring
Permit Compliance Monitoring
Regulatory Liaison
Stream Restoration & Enhancement
Sustainable Development Planning
Stream Geomorphic Surveying
Watershed Management & Planning

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