municipal engineering


From daily operations to emergency needs to anticipating regional growth, the demands on today’s municipal management and staff are enormous and often require a team approach. Hurt & Proffitt has been helping municipalities achieve their goals for infrastructure and citizens alike for over four decades.

Municipalities have water and sewer systems that are over a century old and treatment plants that can no longer comply with ever-changing, stricter regulations. We will work to help the responsible state, county, and local governments correct those deficiencies and update obsolete and failing infrastructure. Our professional staff can take your project from start to finish – planning, funding, design and construction. 

Our Services Include

General Utility Services

Construction Advertising & Bidding
Construction Documents
Project Management
Regulatory Permitting
Schematic, Preliminary, Final Design

Planning & Analysis

Asset Management Systems
Funding Assistance
Investigations & Studies
Modeling, Evaluation, Planning
Preliminary Engineering Reports
Safe Yield Analysis
System Master Plans
Utility Rate Studies
Vulnerability Assessments
Waterworks Business Operations Plan



Sewer System Design

Alternative Septic Systems
Force Main Design
Inflow & Infiltration Monitoring
NPDES & VPDES Permitting
Pump Station Design
Sanitary Sewer Design
Sewer Lining/Rehabilitation
Sewage Treatment

Water System Design

DBP Compliance
Distribution System Design
Membrane Treatment Design
Pump Station Design
Raw Water Intake Design
Storage Tank Design
Storage Tank Rehabilitation
Water Treatment Design
Well Design


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