cultural resource management


H&P is pleased to offer our clients a wide range of Cultural Resource Management (CRM) services. H&P’s staff of archaeologists and architectural historians is experienced in helping public and private sector clients meet complex regulatory requirements in projects ranging from small developments to interstate transmission lines. Each one meets or exceeds Department of the Interior requirements for professional qualifications, and they’re experts in developing CRM plans as the most cost-effective way to balance development with the preservation of significant cultural resources.

We are proud to be collaborating with Lynchburg College and the Historic Sandusky Foundation to provide a portion of our CRM services. H&P has teamed with the nearby college and its associated museum to establish our Archaeological Materials Laboratory and Metals Conservation Laboratory. The labs are located on the grounds of the Historic Sandusky Museum, a former plantation house that served as the Union headquarters during the Civil War Battle of Lynchburg. The arrangement provides aspiring young archaeologists with real world experience and our clients benefit from having state-of-the-art laboratories accessible for all of our artifact needs.

Our Services Include


Archaeology Investigations (Phases I, II and III)
Artifact Processing & Analysis
Distribution Mapping and Predictive Modeling
Studio Quality Photography


HABS/HAER Documentation
National Register Nominations
Phase I and II Surveys


Artifact Treatment and Preservation Plans
Electrolysis & Chemical Stabilization
Single-Component Historic Metals Conservation

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