Geotechnical Engineering should be at the forefront of every construction project. The design considerations, whether structural, civil or utility oriented, greatly depend on the subsurface soil’s structural capacity and composition. Without detailed information about the subsurface, provided by a geotechnical engineer, the project could potentially run into numerous construction related problems that could lead to higher project costs. H&P’s Geotechnical Engineering Department utilizes a state-of-the-art track drill rig to provide drilling services and subsurface investigations.

Our Services Include


CME-55 Drill Rig (Track)
CME-45C Rotary Drill Rig
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
Hand Augers
International Truck & Trailer

Geotechnical / Laboratory Testing

Dam Evaluations
Pavement Design
Resistivity Testing
Retaining Wall Design & Lateral Earth Pressure
Shallow & Deep Foundation Design Recommendations
Shrink/Swell Soils Testing & Evaluation
Slope Stability Analysis & Embankment Failure Remediation Plans
Soil & Rock Subsurface & Exploratory Investigations



Soils / Concrete Testing Lab

AMRL & CCRL Certified
Atterberg Limits
CBR Tests
Concrete Testing
Direct Shear Testing
Expansive Soils Testing
Hydraulic Conductivity
Particle Grain Size Sieve Analysis
Unconfined Compressive Strength

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