Environmental awareness and the need for environmental consulting services have become a very serious matter within the planning, design and construction phase(s) of most every project. Whether the project involves commercial property acquisitions, ownership refinancing, future renovations or new construction, environmental due diligence is the norm. Our environmental department staff has the expertise and accreditations to provide a multitude of services to fulfill your needs. Our personnel perform these services in compliance with both the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) and the U.S. EPA which is expected by today’s environmentally conscious citizens.



Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

(ASTM & EPA AAI Rule Methodologies)

Hazardous Waste Characterization

Environmental / Geotechnical Drilling and Assessments



Our investigations help to quantify the:

Probability of a Site Problem; Extent of the Problem

Potential Financial Liability

Potential Human Health Effects

Technical Options for Corrective Action

Cost of Corrective Action


Our UST/AST management services include:

Soil Gas and Groundwater Sampling

Compliance Audits and Regulatory Options

Engineering Design and Tank System Construction

Accelerated Site Assessments

Risk Assessments

Remedial System Design, System Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring

Reimbursement Applications

Regulatory Guidance


Comprehensive Site Evaluations and Assessment Services

OSHA Compliant Hazardous Materials Inspections, ie:Asbestos, Lead, Other Hazardous Materials, ie: PCBs, Heavy Metals, etc.

Management Plans (Including Operations and Maintenance Programs)

U.S. EPA Compliant Pre-Demolition Asbestos Inspections Services

Lead Based Building Component Screenings via XRF

HUD Compliant Lead Based Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments

Abatement Design, Oversight and Air Monitoring (Personnel and Area)



On-Site Sewer System Design

VSMP Permitting: Stormwater, Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Industrial, MS4

Virginia Stormwater Management Permitting

Alternative Sewer Design: Surface & Subsurface

Clustered Sewer System Design

Wastewater Characterization

Water System Design

Effluent and Municipal Pump Design

Site Investigation/Feasibility Studies

FEMA Map Revisions and Amendments

Environmental Impact Reviews

 Wetland & Aquatic Area Delineation

Virginia Water Protection Permitting

Regulatory Liaison

Wetland Mitigation Planning and Monitoring

Environmental Compliance Plan and Update (SWPPP & SPCC)

Threatened & Endangered Species Review

Permit Compliance Monitoring

Cultural Resources Management

Soil and Groundwater Characterization

Remedial Action Services

– Air Sparging

– Liquid Ring High Vacuum Soil Vapor and Ground

– Water Remediation

– Soil Vapor Extraction

Environmental Projects

Experienced Team

Chris Nixon, CRMI

Chris Nixon, CRMI

Director of Environmental Services

Chris has extensive experience within the environmental and industrial hygiene industry.  He holds several certifications and/or licenses including Asbestos Inspector, Management Planner, Abatement Designer, Project Monitor and Lead Risk Assessor, etc.

Brian Trent

Brian Trent

Environmental Project Manager

Brian’s expertise includes management of commercial and industrial compliance and safety programs, thorough knowledge of real estate transfer investigations, remediation system design and implementation, analytical sampling requirements and data analysis.He maintains a strong commitment to hands-on field application.

Greg Whitt

Greg Whitt

Environmental Group Manager

Greg Whitt has experience in a broad range of environmental and industrial hygiene projects.  As Group Manager, he is responsible for management, design, coordination, direction, review and oversight for environmental and industrial hygiene projects in western Virginia.

Brian Cossman, PE, LEED AP, PMP, CCM

Brian Cossman, PE, LEED AP, PMP, CCM

Vice President: Business Development

Brian is a graduate of the University of Dayton and earned his Master of Engineering Project Management from the University of Maryland.  He interfaces directly with our clients to define their goals, achieve client satisfaction, and expedite project success.
Bif Johnson, PE

Bif Johnson, PE


Bif is a graduate of Virginia Tech and is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Hurt & Proffitt.  His expertise is broad and covers most aspects of civil engineering design and construction.

Why H&P?

First, we listen. By listening to our clients, we understand their needs.

Then, we get to work.

H&P Why!

We care deeply about the communities and partners that we serve.

Why H&P?

First, we listen. By listening to our clients, we understand their needs.

Then, we get to work.

H&P Why!

We care deeply about the communities and partners that we serve.