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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering should be at the forefront of every construction project. The design considerations, whether Structural, Civil or Utility oriented greatly depend on the subsurface soil’s structural capacity and composition. Without detailed information about the subsurface, provided by a geotechnical engineer, the project could potentially run into numerous construction related problems, which will lead to higher project costs.

Hurt & Proffitt’s Geotechnical Engineering Department utilizes a trailer-mounted rig to provide drilling services and subsurface investigations. The drilling is performed in accordance with ASTM standards for sampling soil.  We also perform rock coring operations including retrieval and quality analyses of the samples. We offer ground water monitoring installation services as well as sampling and analysis of the water constituents. We have the expertise to utilize decontamination equipment and processes when dealing with environmentally sensitive projects.

For the less accessible project sites, we provide hand auger and dynamic cone penetrometer testing services, which can be used for foundation design purposes. Our in house laboratory provides testing services and analyses required to meet the needs of almost any project’s requirements.

Geotechnical - Lancer Park Bridge Geotechnical - Drilling

“As both a developer and builder, I rely on the Geotechnical team at Hurt and Profitt to provide accurate analysis of prevalent site conditions. Their common sense approach utilizes techniques that are practical and cost effective to test for adverse soil conditions that might impact construction. With Hurt and Profitt’s help, we catch potential problems early so they don’t become costly issues later on. Hurt and Profitt delivers me ‘peace of mind’.”
– Vince Phelps, President of VC Design and Build