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Virginia Department of Corrections – Cold Springs Dam

VA Dept. of Corrections - Cold Springs Dam

Location: Greenville, VA  Project Type: River/Dams

Hurt & Proffitt provided professional consulting services to meet these project purposes:

1. Modification of the dam to comply with VA Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR) requirements to relocate an existing road off the emergency spillway crest to the interior face of the dam, to minimize erosion during emergency spillway usage.
2. Installation of a graded filter at the exterior toe of the dam to control seepage and minimize any threat to the dam, and to eliminate a wet area resulting from the seepage, to facilitate inspection and maintenance at the toe of the dam.
3. Inspection and report and preparation of an Emergency Action Plan and Operations and Maintenance Application for renewal of the dam certification by VDCR.
4. Evaluation, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; dam break analysis, hazard potential classification, and inundation zone mapping.
5. Dam rehabilitation to install a training dike and complete any other modifications shown needed by the modeling and evaluation of the dam.

Items (1) and (2) were initiated in 2008 and completed with a construction project in 2009.   Services included site inspection and evaluation; survey; design; permitting of construction and dam alterations (separate permits) through VDCR; construction stakeout, inspection and materials testing; construction administration; and asbuilt survey and record drawings. 

Items (3) and (4) were initiated in 2009 and will be completed in 2010.  Services included an application for a Conditional Permit for the dam, including dam inspection and report, VDCR Operations & Maintenance Application update, Emergency Action Plan update, and permit application; topographic survey, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; dam break analysis using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS computer software; hazard potential classification, inundation zone mapping; and report preparation, submittal to, and approval by VDCR for certification renewal. 

Item (5) is expected to be initiated in 2010 and completed in 2010 or 2011. 

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