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Town of Goshen PER and Water System

Town of Goshen PER and Water System

Location: Goshen, VA  Project Type: Water/Sewer

Hurt & Proffitt prepared the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to replace 12,500 LF of existing water line with new water line and resolve other water system issues. The PER qualified the Town with $3M for grant and low-interest loan funding from state and federal agencies for improvements to all phases of the water system. This includes Community Development Block Grant funding.

Hurt & Proffitt prepared the Environmental Review Record (ERR) for all water system improvements included in the PER. The ERR included any environmental incidents recorded by government data bases and reported any findings dealing with historic resources. Hurt & Proffitt prepared construction cost estimates for the proposed water system improvements, and did rate analysis and rate studies needed to support the new water system improvements and support financing. The financing support consisted of supplying the needed analysis to state and federal funding agencies who considered supplying construction funds to the Town for their project.

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