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Town of Appomattox Greensand Filters for Well #39

Town of Appomattox Greensand Filters for Well #39

Location: Appomattox, VA  Project Type: Municipal

Hurt & Proffitt designed the greensand filters for well #39 for the Town of Appomattox. The filters are rated at 60 GPM. They are backwashed once a week creating 2,800 gallons of backwash waste per filter. A total of 5,600 gallons of wastewater are generated from the backwashing operation. The well produces water that is high in iron and manganese, thus requiring the Town to install the greensand filters.

The greensand filters backwash is discharged to the Towns sanitary sewer system. The greensand filters are housed in a prefabricated concrete building with roof access to facilitate any work needed on the well pump.

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