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Stafford Public Safety Building

Stafford Public Safety Building

Location: Stafford, VA  Project Type: Municipal

Hurt and Proffitt, Inc teamed up with NARDI to design and construct a 121,835 SF public safety buildings, including all associated walks, access road, and drainage for Stafford County.  The site is 11.616 acres and located in Stafford County off Courthouse Road (Route 630).  

The property the building was built on was originally wooded.  There is a stream that runs around the property creating a horseshoe effect.  Wetlands were located along the stream at the rear of the property; wetlands were also located to the east side and the front of the property. 

The main challenge with the development was grading the site for the large building and parking while staying out of the stream and wetlands which were located on three sides of the property. A retaining wall was required for the east and rear of the site.  The other challenges included were the water detention facility, the required water quality measures, and the parking layout which included restricted access.  Raintanks which are a form of underground detention was used for the detention requirement.  Bio-retention facilities were used for the water quality measure.  These facilities allowed the storm runoff to filter through them and then drain to the detention facility.  The parking had to be layout to achieve the required spaces which proved to be difficult due to the limited space available.

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