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Prince Edward County Alternate Rt. 628

Prince Edward County Alternate Rt. 628

Location: Prince Edward County, VA  Project Type: Roadways

New Alternate Route 628 has been designed and publicly bid for Prince Edward County, Va. The project is funding using the revenue sharing agreement program within VDOT. The project was estimated to cost $2.9 million in its early conceptual stages. The actual low bid for route 628 is just over $1.7 million.

In addition, H&P engineers coordinated the 628 plans with the Lynchburg District Office of VDOT to include the proposed improvements to state route 15 at its intersection with new route 628. This included upgrading the state route to include turn lanes that would match the future plans VDOT has for route 15. The low bid for the route 15 upgrades is just over $800,000.

In total, the estimate for the construction project of both 628 and route 15 was estimated to be around $3.4 million but the low bid was just over $2.6 million.

Prince Edward County is currently reviewing the project and funding stream.

Route 628 is approximately 1 mile in length with a planted median. The new roadway is intended to serve a new hotel and conference center in addition to other industrial sites owned by Prince Edward County, VA.

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