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I-664 Rail Corridor

I-664 Rail Corridor

Location: Chesapeake, VA  Project Type: Roadways

The I-664 Rail Corridor is being managed by the Virginia Port Authority and is getting assistance from Hurt & Proffitt to provide the construction surveying services to general contractor Branscome, Inc. Twenty total concrete beams were erected for the new US Route 17 bridge under construction in Suffolk, Virginia. The new bridge is part of the Commonwealth Railway Mainline Safety Relocation Project (CRMSRP). The bridge will elevate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the new rail line that is being installed as part of the CRMSRP.

The CRMSRP involves relocating approximately 4.5 miles of rail that is owned and operated by Commonwealth Railway into medians of Route 164 and I-664. The existing rail line currently runs through several urban neighborhoods in the cities of Portsmouth and Chesapeake and consists of 14 at-grade road crossings. The relocation of the rail out of these densely populated neighborhoods and into these highway medians will result in faster, safer, and more efficient transportation of cargo from the new APM/Maersk Terminal and the future Craney Island Marine Terminal. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2009.

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