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Charlotte Court House Water System Improvements

Charlotte Court House Water System Improvements

Location: Charlotte Court House, VA  Project Type: Water/Sewer

The improvements will consist of replacing over 35,000 LF of old 4″ cast iron pipes with new 8″ PVC. Other components still to be completed include more water lines, deep wells, new pumps, and fire hydrants. Hurt & Proffitt started the process in July, 2005. We prepared the following:

1.  Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) in accordance with the guidelines of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). Town was awarded $1.2 M in no-interest loans by VDH for the first phase of the water system improvements.
2.  Revised the original PER to meet the US Department of Agriculture – Rural Development requirements. Town was awarded a $1.8 M grant and over $400,000 in low-interest loan  funds.

The loan and grant papers were signed on May 1, 2007, and the Town received a check for $2,289,000 on June 18 at a public ceremony. The grant, which is often difficult to get, was the result of what one USDA official called “a PER done better than any I’ve seen.” The next phase of the improvements is now underway with the field work in progress and design work completed. Services included analyzing the existing water system in regards to water flow and pressures and fire protection abilities; preparing different improvement options and prioritizing the projects in terms of best improvement for the capital investment;  preparing plans and specifications for the construction of the improvements; Prepared the PER (with a VDH Planning Grant) for VDH approval.

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