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Hurt and Proffitt Leadership

Board of Directors

Wiley V. 'Bif' JohnsonWiley V. “Bif” Johnson, III, PE

Earl Dickerson, JR., P.E.Earl H. Dickerson, Jr., P.E.
Chairman of the Board

Patrick C. Proffitt, P.E.Patrick C. Proffitt, P.E.
Vice President – Land Development and Civil Engineering

W. Page Cockrell, L.S.W. Page Cockrell, L.S.
Vice President – Norfolk Office

Troy D. Williams, L.S.Troy D. Williams, L.S.
Vice President – Survey Department

Matthew D. LeslieMatthew D. Leslie, CPA


Leadership Team

Brian Cossman
Director of Municipal & Government Engineering

Trent Warner
Senior Project Manager

Adam Bryant
Director of Surveying Services

Bradley Tate
Wytheville Office Manager

Ken Meritt
Director of Geotechnical and Material Testing Services

Chris Nixon
Director of Environmental Services

Darrell DeWeese
Information Technology Manager