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Water/Sewer Archive

Tangier Wastewater Treatment Plant Repairs

The Project consisted of evaluation of failed and failing conveyance and treatment equipment at an existing, remotely located, wastewater treatment plant and design and implementation of required equipment replacements to maintain permit compliance.  The work included site visits to evaluate the equipment; preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report detailing the problems, the various alternatives for remediation, and the recommended project to prosecute; final design; preparation of construction documents; bidding assistance; construction administration; and construction inspection. 

The Project was funding by USDA-Rural Development loan and grant and had to comply with criteria of that agency, the VA Dept. of Environmental Quality, and the plant’s existing Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.  The work also included safety improvements and repairs to building systems, including the electrical system, lighting, HVAC system, and building structure, as well as repair of an existing 133,000 gallon sewage storage tank outside the building.

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Maury Water Authority – Enfield Water Line

Hurt & Proffitt provided the design to replace 5,011 LF of 16″ water line of failing water transmission line from the Maury Service Authority water treatment plant to the Enfield Water Tank.  Close coordination was required with VDOT to allow open cutting of the entire length of Bell Road to allow installation of the pipe in the road in order to minimize rock excavation. The project will be funded from federal sources.

Hurt & Proffitt also provided a Preliminary Engineering Report, Environmental Review Record, and funding application to secure Federal funding from USDA-Rural Development for water system improvements. The improvements include two 2 million gallon storage tanks, 40,000 linear feet of 16” transmission line, new SCADA system, and upgrades to a water treatment plant. USDA-RD is offering up to $10 Million.

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Campbell County USA Water Improvements PER

In 2008 Campbell County Utilities & Service Authority selected H&P for a term contract with an unspecified length of time. The contract covers water and sanitary sewer projects the Authority is considering. The CCUSA Board of Directors approved a new project in which H&P will prepare a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER), Environmental Review Record (ERR) and application to secure Federal funding for water system improvements to the Authority’s water system. The improvements will include a new 1.25 million gallon elevated water storage tank and new water system lines. The PER will be prepared to the standards of the USDA – Rural Development.

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Tangier Public Water Meter Installation

The project consists of installing new water meters for all existing service connections on the island. There are approximately 305 ¾” service connections, six (6) 1” service connections, three (3) 1.5” service connections, two (2) 2” service connections, and one (1) 3” service connection. All meters will be installed in new meter yokes and boxes except the 3” meter, which will be installed on a 3” copper domestic water line inside the mechanical room of the school. 

The project also includes replacing one (1) 6” gate valve at the fire hydrant near the north end of the runway. The base bid for the project includes touch read water meter interfaces with associated equipment required to read the meters and generate customer billing statements. Other additive bid items include hand-held radio reading meters and equipment, vehicle-based radio reading meters and equipment, fixed-base radio reading meters and equipment, and water billing software.

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Tangier Water Tank Rehabilitation

The project consists of interior and exterior cleaning and coating, miscellaneous tank repairs and modifications, and related construction activities for a 150,000 gallon elevated water storage tank.  Additive bid items include AWWA/OSHA ladder and safety climb device for the tank exterior, shell/roof access, and tank interior; replacing the riser manway and installing primary and secondary shell access; replacing the roof vent; replacing the tank drain valve; and posting confined space entry signs at proper locations.

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Town of Goshen PER and Water System

Hurt & Proffitt prepared the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to replace 12,500 LF of existing water line with new water line and resolve other water system issues. The PER qualified the Town with $3M for grant and low-interest loan funding from state and federal agencies for improvements to all phases of the water system. This includes Community Development Block Grant funding.

Hurt & Proffitt prepared the Environmental Review Record (ERR) for all water system improvements included in the PER. The ERR included any environmental incidents recorded by government data bases and reported any findings dealing with historic resources. Hurt & Proffitt prepared construction cost estimates for the proposed water system improvements, and did rate analysis and rate studies needed to support the new water system improvements and support financing. The financing support consisted of supplying the needed analysis to state and federal funding agencies who considered supplying construction funds to the Town for their project.

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Town of Boones Mill – Water System

Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. was selected by the Town of Boones Mill to prepare the Preliminary Engineering Report dealing with lost potable water and metering of all water sold by the Town. The PER was completed to the standards of Rural Development and Virginia Department of Health. Funds granted to Boones Mill total $3.4 million.

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College Hill Water Treatment Plant

Hurt & Proffitt, Inc., worked in conjunction with Craddock Cunningham Architectural Partners, and Master Engineers and Designers to prepare a master plan for the City of Lynchburg’s College Hill Water Treatment Complex. Civil engineering, a topographic survey, geotechnical, and environmental investigations were provided for the plan which defined buildings and site requirements, in addition to space and functionality needs.

Parking and access points, vehicle circulation, building locations, preliminary grading and erosion control requirements were evaluated along with storm water quality and quantity requirements and measures necessary for local and state approval. Hurt & Proffitt also evaluated utility requirements for water and sanitary sewer, and existing site features including retaining walls, to determine the need for replacement, repair or removal.

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Tom Fork / Witcher Road Water and Sewer System

Hurt & Proffitt provided the design of a water and sewer system coordinated with Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) housing improvements. 8,970 LF of 12″, 1,880 LF of 8″, and 2,550 LF of 6″ water line, 2,300 LF of 8″ gravity sewer, 150 LF of 4″ force main, and a 0.25 MGD sewage pump station were designed as part of this project. The project was funded by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and State and Tribal Assistance Grant (STAG).

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Charlotte Court House Water System Improvements

The improvements will consist of replacing over 35,000 LF of old 4″ cast iron pipes with new 8″ PVC. Other components still to be completed include more water lines, deep wells, new pumps, and fire hydrants. Hurt & Proffitt started the process in July, 2005. We prepared the following:

1.  Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) in accordance with the guidelines of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). Town was awarded $1.2 M in no-interest loans by VDH for the first phase of the water system improvements.
2.  Revised the original PER to meet the US Department of Agriculture – Rural Development requirements. Town was awarded a $1.8 M grant and over $400,000 in low-interest loan  funds.

The loan and grant papers were signed on May 1, 2007, and the Town received a check for $2,289,000 on June 18 at a public ceremony. The grant, which is often difficult to get, was the result of what one USDA official called “a PER done better than any I’ve seen.” The next phase of the improvements is now underway with the field work in progress and design work completed. Services included analyzing the existing water system in regards to water flow and pressures and fire protection abilities; preparing different improvement options and prioritizing the projects in terms of best improvement for the capital investment;  preparing plans and specifications for the construction of the improvements; Prepared the PER (with a VDH Planning Grant) for VDH approval.

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