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American Electric Power

Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. has worked for American Electric Power (AEP) since 2004, completing over 30 separate projects. Some of the projects completed include: Bradley/Tams Mountain, Patriot Centre, and Southridge Transmission Lines; Jacksons Ferry, Max Meadows, and Wyoming Stations; and expansions at Clerarbrook, Ingles, and Starkey Stations. In 2009, AEP renewed Hurt & Proffitt’s annual engineering and surveying services contract.

Hurt & Proffitt provided a wide range of services to AEP projects, including: project management, site engineering, environmental engineering and permitting, geotechnical engineering, surveying (easements plats, topographic surveying, plan and profile base sheets, property acquisition plats, and boundary surveying), and construction administration.   We have performed services for projects ranging in size from one to 10 acres sites and transmission line surveying from 1,000 LF to over 24 miles on a single project. The work has been performed in Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

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AEP – Smith Mountain Lake Conservation Easement

Hurt & Proffitt performed a boundary replacement survey of approximately 5,000 acres near the Smith Mountain Lake Hydro Plant. All existing monuments were recovered and/or established, iron pins were set at corners where there were no monuments or where monuments were disturbed, and all boundary lines were flagged and painted. This property, currently leased by DGIF, was put into a Conservation Easement. It was the largest parcel put into a conservation easement in 2008. Hurt & Proffitt provided all boundary surveying.

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