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Parks & Recreation Archive

William Campbell High School Recreation Park

Through a term contract with Campbell County, Hurt & Proffitt designed the lighting system for the existing tennis courts and the softball fields serving William Campbell High School and the surrounding community. Coordinated work performed by Land Planning and Design Associates, landscape architects in Charlottesville.

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Sandusky Park & Blackwater Creek Athletic Fields

Hurt & Proffitt prepared the Feasibility Study and Master Plan for upgrading Sandusky Park and Blackwater Creek Park for the City of Lynchburg Recreation Department. The upgrades included new field lighting, irrigation systems, new sod, new grading of the areas to provide the largest playing field possible for each park site. The Study and Master Plan took into account environmental conditions that exist at each site and how to avoid any impacts to these conditions. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimates were prepared for each site.

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Ivy Creek Park

Hurt & Proffitt provided an array of survey, civil engineering, and geotechnical services for the 27.9 acre Ivy Creek Park, located in the Lynchpin Industrial Park. The recreation park focuses on environmental education, outdoor recreation opportunities, as well as fishing and hiking. This project also includes the renovation of an existing cabin that will become the home of the “Nature Zone,” an environmental education center operated by the City of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department.

Hurt & Proffitt’s provided the design of VDOT Access Road and parking facilities, assistance with both the preliminary and final Park Master Plan, topographic survey, final construction documents including grading, stormwater management and quality, and erosion control. Also prepared were the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3), formal wetland and aquatic sites delineation and Army Corp determination, construction administration, and  subsurface geotechnical investigation and report.

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Diamond Hill Community Center

Project for proposed offsite parking area, sidewalks, playground equipment, and associated park accessory improvements for the existing community building and park area. The park area and community building are located on the north corner at the intersection of Monroe and 17th Street. The offsite parking area is proposed across 17th Street in a vacant lot currently owned by the City of Lynchburg. There is currently no existing parking or points of ingress/egress into or for the community building site. The total area to be disturbed for all improvements proposed for this project is approximately 0.45 acres.

Hurt & Proffitt provided civil engineering design services as the lead consultant. LPDA assisted H&P with the development of the master plan.

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Brookville Area Recreation Park

Hurt & Proffitt was the prime consultant for the construction plans for the new, $2.9M Brookville Area Park in Campbell County. The park will feature upon completion athletic fields, a recreation center/library, hard and soft courts, playgrounds, picnic areas and hiking trails. Hurt & Proffitt also served as prime consultant for the development of the park’s Master Plan in 2000. 

Hurt & Proffitt provided civil engineering, boundary and topographical surveying, environmental engineering and permitting, geotechnical engineering, site planning, grading plan, and coordination of work provided by landscape architects, Land Planning and Design Associates.

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